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1001 albums you must hear before you die. It's a bold statement, but is it true? This (unofficial) website will certainly help you on your way to finding out for yourself; here you will find not only the 1,001 albums as per the latest 2018 edition, but also the 'extricated' 77, which have made way for new entries since 2005. The site is best enjoyed in tandem with the book itself, and offers one page per album, each bringing together Wikipedia for your eyes, Spotify for your ears, as well as another view from the world of music critique (see credits). All of this is designed to accompany and enhance your individual exploration.

Personally, I have always been intrigued by the breadth and scope of the thing as it suits my ever-hungry appetite for musical knowledge. When I picked up on the first-edition (2005) of this ubiquitous publication, I was hoping to add maybe 20 or 30 albums to the collection. Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that I soon drafted up a spreadsheet; it was a case of 550 albums already collected, 451 shy of the target. It didn't take me too long to decide that, what the heck, I’ll go for it, and some ten years later the full 1001 were collected, across vinyl, CD and digital formats. This website now stands as an offshoot to my main music review site, The Jukebox Rebel external-link.png

My ultimate conclusion is a complicated one. Whilst I'd harbour serious doubt that each and every selection will chime agreeably with any individual (to Donald Fagen and Bon Jovi I will always say no way José), it's virtually certain that any open-minded music fan will find new treasures, often in territories outwith their natural hunting ground. To cite but a few personal examples, I found a deep level of appreciation for Aretha Franklin's classic “I Never Loved A Man”, was introduced to The Gun Club's brilliant “Fire Of Love” and my anti-jazz sensibilities were overturned by the extra-ordinary “In A Silent Way” by Miles Davis. At books' completion, you'll surely be regaling others with your own tales of the unexpected and, to boot, the satisfying boost in general knowledge by journey's end is immense.

In summary, the book offers a rewarding experience, but be aware that it is time consuming, and you will need to pace yourself over a number of years to gain the full sense of enrichment from your undertaking. Enjoy the adventure!

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From the publisher

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is the ultimate critical guide to history's greatest music. You'll find a mouthwatering choice of listening here: from Miles Davis's jazz landmark Kind of Blue (1959) to David Bowie's tragic final release Blackstar (2016), alongside groundbreaking releases by contemporary artists.

Explore musical history from the symphonic pop of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds to the gargantuan grunge of Nirvana's Nevermind. As well as the acknowledged milestones without which no collection is complete, you'll discover many unexpected treats, such as Einsturzende Neubauten's power tool-enhanced soundscapes and Aphex Twin's sonic troublemaking.

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die pays homage to the forces that have shaped rock and pop - but also dips into dance, jazz, funk, punk, disco, soul, hip-hop, world music and the avant-garde. Fascinating insights and trivia accompany detailed reviews of each album. What did Time magazine consider the twentieth century's greatest album? Which anthem by Prince was an attempt to emulate Bob Seger? And what links Count Basie and Batman?

With inside knowledge and incisive criticism from 90 internationally acclaimed music journalists, this updated edition provides an indispensable companion to the music itself. Illustrated with more than 900 iconic images of album covers, bands and artists, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is a must-have for the musically inspired.

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