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John Lennon co-writes and plays on one song on this album. That fact alone endeared the previously un-endeareable, cos he was camp, David Bowie to America. Such is the hold of The Beatles over America. You know, some tramp in the street could have co-written a song with "A Beatle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and it would have gone done well. That was, and still is, America. Britain, the land of The Beatles, couldn't give a damn. We were happy with David Bowie as he was. Yes, 'Young Americans' is indeed David's American album. His American 'black' album, indeed. He used the right musicians, etc. He impressed said musicians with his vocal skills. Indeed, David's vocals are superb throughout this entire album. The songs are stretched out, mere sketches, stretched out. Backing vocals galore, huge stretches of songs that seemingly include no actual David Bowie involvement at all. David himself classified it as 'plastic soul'. You see, he was clever. He knew his level of reality in the entire scene. He never once claimed to be genuine. or a genuine black American type of guy!! And, he quickly grew tired of this type of sound, realising its limitations. Still, the title song is cool, you know? David produced one of his trademark catchy melodies and married it to black funk playing. It works.

Both 'Win' and 'Fascination are cool, mellow songs. David produces superlative vocal performances. Bolan's "sheep" vocals couldn't compete, which is why Bolan never cracked America, and Bowie did. Bowie shamelessly sold out. He did everything he possibly could, even working and co-writing a song with a Beatle, absolutely guaranteed to endear himself to America!! Amercia goes nuts about The Beatles. The one thing David realised was that. He did it. 'Fame' reached number one in America, a superb classic song. David himself moved on, having achieved what he wanted to.

Adrian Denning
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