Dinosaur Jr. - You’re Living All Over Me - Review
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You’re Living All Over Me is a totally different record to it's predecessor – the ramshackle charm and rough edges remain, but production is glossier and J has overcome whatever inhibitions plagued his vocal performances an album earlier. ‘Little Fury Things’, the opener here, is the band’s first real ‘classic’ – chances are that you can hear it to this day in select indie clubs. Of course, ‘Freak Scene’ would top it, but as curtain raisers go it’s comparable to the mighty initial impact of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. ‘Sludegfeast’ is as drenched in sonic squall as its name suggests, but J’s lyrics smack of romance, turning what could be a noisy monstrosity into something altogether sweeter. ‘Just Like Heaven’ balances the raw punk of the band’s formative stages with heavenly indie-pop verses to stunning effect; it’s a killer closer to an album which, to be fair, has its share of downs (‘Poledo’, for one, plus a brace of far-too-quick fade outs) but more than enough ups to warrant immediate investigation by anyone, be they old-school fan or complete newcomer. It is, perhaps, one of the first ‘proper’ grunge records.

Mike Diver
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