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On occasions, listeners of music will come across albums that leave them completely awestruck, breathless and mesmerized. In any given genre, there are definitive albums that empower people, whether it be the musicianship, concept, production or whatever. Drum and Bass is a genre often littered with acts showcasing nothing but uninspired and derivative music, at least in my opinion. Even though I am not an expert in the electronic music genre, I think I have heard my fair share of it and I can conclude that the majority of it is rather uninteresting. However, one album which, when I heard for the first time, I was simply blown away is Goldie's Timeless. Goldie is one of the biggest names in dnb so it seems, so what does his masterpiece Timeless have to offer?

The album opens up with the exquisitely brilliant title track. Boasting a running time of just over twenty one minutes, it is split into three movements, the first being the unmistakeable Inner City Life. The first two minutes is mostly synth - gorgeous sounding pads that exude a rather calm and beautiful atmosphere. Then come the drums and female vocals, both of which are expertly executed with flair and ingenuity. The drum beats are complex and intricately produced and the vocal lines are simply unforgettable. However, it isn't until the track is five or so minutes through that the bass begins to truly shine. Thunderous and thick, the expert production aids the track in sounding momentous. But the beauty of it is that you don't even realise twenty minutes have passed before it is over. That is how captivating and magical it is.

Another noteworthy track is the absolutely wonderful Sea of Tears, which features some fantastic guitar samples. The first five minutes are a great example of relaxing, chilled out dnb but that is nothing compared to the second half of the song. After an interlude featuring some melancholy guitar, the track shifts into something undeniably brilliant. From seven minutes onwards, it swallows the listener whole with its atmosphere and ethereal soundscapes. Probably the best track on the album.

There are some darker sides to Timeless, represented well by Sensual. The piano motif in the introduction is rather more ominous in comparison to say, the somewhat happy and vibrant instrumentation on State of Mind. However, what can be said of everything present on Timeless is that whilst all of the tracks are quite lengthy, they are rarely boring or stale. Goldie's production is second to none - everything from the drums, ambience, strings, synths, keys, samples and vocals are managed with a precision work ethic it seems. The attention to detail in some tracks such as the album opener are also of note. As well as the material being of a very high quality, the replay value is immense. I myself have listened to the album the whole way through hundreds of times and I can safely say that I am blown away each and every time. In terms of classics, this is way up in the list for me. If you're into the genre as a whole (especially the more intelligent, liquid and jungle styles) then you simply have to hear this.

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