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Regardless of the situation Jurassic 5's Power in Numbers always makes me feel like one cool cat. Weather I'm having a stressful day, a happy day, or a crappy day Power in Numbers is always able to make me kick back and relax. Often compared to hip-hop acts such as Blackalicous, Outkast, and Latyrx J5 have gained some critical acclaim. Although all of these rap groups have a distinct and different sound Jurassic 5 separate themselves from your average rap music by adding an extremely old-school and bad-ass sound to the genre. While many hip-hop albums have an 'old-school and bad-ass' sound J5 also incorporate different genres into their music such as funk, jazz, and pop. 

To create a relaxing and chilled out atmosphere Jurassic 5 do a couple of things. First things first vocalist Chali 2na keeps things extremely mellow and cool with his deep and rebellious tone. Things go so smoothly when he steps up to the microphone, not many rappers can do this but Chali gives the music a laid-back, old school feel while his voice is compelling at the same time. Instead of mixing in quirky electronics and textures of instruments J5 keep things simple. Most of the time Chali will find himself rapping over a simple beat, turntables, and funky basslines. The focus is obviously on Chali and the other various rappers that make their way into the music rather then instruments. 

Other then the chilled out vibe that Power in Numbers creates there are many more reasons to love the album. The groups first album Quality Control lacked both range and consistency but with Power in Numbers J5 come up with some different ideas and experiments. The albums second track, Freedom mixes together smooth lounge stylings, along with a soft beat. There is a conversation going on in the background and it almost makes you feel like you're sitting in a hotel lobby, a hip hotel lobby that is. If You Only Knew brings elements of jazz and R&B to the table. A sleazy flute line is played throughout the versus as Chali raps it up in his thundering and steady voice. Some lush tones make their way into the song and everything flows smoothly. 

Like I said before Power in Numbers is fairly experimental and shows off a lot various ideas. Breakis a track that focuses on percussion and different beats. During the middle of the song there is a stretch were the music is just comprised of a head nodding beat repeated for about thirty seconds. What's Golden is a much flashier song featuring a deep, vibrating beat and some short and sweet trumpet bleeps. The atmosphere of the song is yet again relaxed but it has a slightly jazzy and funky feel, almost as if Stevie Wonder meets Nas. I Am Somebody is another song soaked with funky guitar licks and a boisterous chorus giving the song a party like atmosphere. 

High Fidelity is probably the most old-school and lush song off the album. Featuring Zakirs high pitched and disobedient voice, a lush beat, and a myserious flute line not a whole lot of complexity is found in the song. The thing that makes Power in Numbers such a fun listen is how the music is so simple yet J5 manage to fit in different instruments and styles into their music. At first the music will just sound like mainstream hip-hop with a tinge of an old-school vibe. After multiple listens different genres and instruments will slowly be discovered, Cut Chemist and Co. subtly mix in different instruments including flutes, trumpets, and pianos. 

That's basically all that Power in Numbers has to offer. If you're looking for some angry, intense, and pump up hip-hop tunes then don't look here. Instead Jurassic 5 bring back an old school hip-hop vibe feel few bands can capture. While listening to Power in Numbers all that you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the rhythmic beats that the music has to offer. To be completely honest Jurassic 5 didn't do anything revolutionary or even creative, but they sure do know how to make some dope, chilled out, and rebellious sounding hip-hop tunes.

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