Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water - Review
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Some people hate Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst for his loud mouth, some hate him for his hip-hop posing, and some hate him for setting back the cause of white men fighting for their right to wear dumb hats by twenty years. But most people just hate him because he's Fred Durst, and he likes it that way. Like many other obnoxious rock & roll rage queens before him — Axl Rose, Courtney Love and Billy Corgan come to mind — Fred Durst is nowhere near as full of shit as you wish he were, and nowhere near as unmusical as he probably deserves to be. You can't even say he'd be great if he weren't such a pain in the ass, because being a pain in the ass is what he's great at. But unlike the aforementioned, he keeps getting funnier at his shtick. And when his band decides to get off its yeah and jam, he's a bona fide rock star. His signature song, the 1999 TRL-metal epiphany "Nookie," was everything loud, stupid rock should be: hilarious, catchy, sad, human, not to mention loud and stupid. The meanest and funniest punk-rock breakup song since PJ Harvey's "Dry," "Nookie" was absolutely flawless, in that deeply flawed kind of way.

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